Everybody's gotta live before you know the reason why

Anonymous Town (just a song)

I’m moving but I’m standing still and I’m going nowhere…

Not room for more now that the work is done.

Another long “drive”, another deep dive into another night and I’m going nowhere…

Afraid if I go back, he’s still be waiting, he always is, it’s just a little heavy

It just goes against my nature and it messes with my head but he’ll never want to go with me…he will stay.

But you keep coming back and there’s certain things that I adore and there’s certain things that I ignore ‘cause certain things burn just when we’re hanging on for dear life.

And I’m virtually yours…my illusion my mistake. Feels like all my scars are open.

I don’t want to play this game no more
I don’t want to stay ‘round here no more.


What a view.

Santa Brígida

It is Paradise. Even in Winter.

Family Time

Dancin - Krono Remix (Extended)


My Lullaby. Sleep tight. Dream about me.

If I could just put this feeling in a jar on my windowsill…so that I can see and feel it anytime I want. Thank you for missing me in your own way, because I do the same.

When I walked up the familiar stairs and you opened the door and played my lullaby I couldn’t help myself…I had to smile and laugh out loud. It felt really good.


Believe it or not, yes this is the song:

Kanye West – Mercy

4 years ago I couldn’t appreciate what I was experiencing during a week in Iceland with 100 people from my personal “Treasure Islands”.
It was crazy and I felt like in another world.
Now I caught me searching for pictures and videos of the trip…for 2 hours. Just to remember how it was.

I had Goosebumps all over my arms…

Time to go to bed!

—   reminiscent
Nothing - Something
Ugly - Beautiful

Almost a year ago I wrote about you. I wrote that I hope you notice some day that you’re not as happy as you could be…

A few months ago you liberated yourself and apparently I was right, because you’re back.